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March 2016 and May 2014

Dr. Anne-Marie Slaughter discussed her newest book Unfinished Business. Hailed as one of the best books of 2015 by THE WASHINGTON POST and NPR, Dr. Slaughter challenges long-standing assumptions about work, life and family, and discusses her vision for true equality between men and women -- and how we can achieve it. She first joined us in May 2014 to talk about the evolving conversation following her article—"Why Women Still Can't Have it All," which ultimately led to her current book.

Dr. Anne-Marie Slaughter is the President and CEO of New America, a think tank and civic enterprise. She is also the Bert G. Kerstetter '66 University Professor Emerita of Politics and International Affairs at Princeton University. Attendees received a copy of Unfinished Business at this lively discussion and book signing.

"Balance” is a luxury. Equality is a necessity. When we stop talking about work-life balance and start talking about discrimination against care and caregiving, we see the world differently."

Dr. Anne-Marie Slaughter, Unfinished Business

In May 2014, Dr. Slaughter joined inher circle to talk about the impact of landmark article in The Atlantic—"Why Women Still Can't Have it All". In it she declared that work-life balance is a myth and that there need to be significant changes in American policy and culture before women can truly be considered equals to men.
inher circle-Dr. Slaughter

Dr. Slaughter welcomes the group

inher circle-Dr. Slaughter

Beth Friedman introduces Dr. Slaughter

inher circle-Dr. Slaughter

Dr. Anne-Marie Slaughter and Alex Meneses

inher circle-Dr. Slaughter

Kate McRoskey and Shaudi Fulp get their books signed

inher circle-Dr. Slaughter

Tracey Gluck

inher circle-Dr. Slaughter

Dana Wieger Tepper and Allegra Tepper

inher circle-Dr. Slaughter

Beth Friedman and Jane Ross

inher circle-Dr. Slaughter

All attendees received a copy of Dr. Slaughter's book

In her 2013 TEDTalk, Slaughter explained why shifts in work culture, public policy and social mores can lead to more equality — for men, women, all of us.



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