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inher circle is about continuing to learn, working for what we believe in and celebrating success. Check back here for updates on the subjects and speakers we're following. And send us an email if there's a story you think we should share.

Las Vegas Learning Journey

Join Gail and CULTURE REFRAMED January 19-21, 2017 for a visit to one of the world's biggest pornography conventions.

  • Get a window into how the industry really works … with experts to help you make sense – emotionally and intellectually – of what you see and experience.

  • Participate in discussions and talks led by world-renowned experts, including Dr. Gail Dines, Dr. Ann Olivarius, and Dr. Robert Jensen

  • Participate in debriefings and supportive conversations led by clinical psychologist and Culture Reframed’s Director of Health Programs, Dr. Dominique Bressi.

  • Bring your own knowledge, skills, and passions to create innovative solutions.

  • Come together with WMM colleagues to make change.

Human Trafficking

In a prime-time slot at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, CAST’s Survivor Coordinator, Ima Matul, spoke earnestly and passionately about her journey as a survivor and the need for Americans to galvanize around the anti-trafficking cause. She shared her story with inher circle at our April 2016 panel.

Rape and Sexual Assault on College Campuses

"I am beyond pleased to let you know that we broke 6M views of our PSA this morning and Diane & Lady Gaga’s original song was #6 on iTunes worldwide, and as I type, the song is the #1 most shared song on Twitter! Thrilled to be making history with all of you- thank you for your tweets, FB posts, and support! - we are truly changing the culture!"  Watch Lady Gaga and Diane Warren's powerful, original song—"Till it Happens to You"—Nominated for a 2016 Grammy.

Dr. Sakena Yacoobi

Women's Empowerment in Afghanistan

Watch Dr. Yakoobi's TED Talk: "How I Stopped the Taliban from Shutting Down my School." In this fierce, funny talk, she tells the jaw-dropping story of two times when she was threatened to stop teaching — and shares her vision for rebuilding her beloved country.

Dr. Sakena Yacoobi

Women's Empowerment in Afghanistan

Radio Meraj goes live in Afghanistan. Radio Meraj began broadcasting educational programming, including shows for children, forums to discuss human rights, music, poetry, and more. See this and more exciting developments for The Afghan Institute of Learning.

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